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COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant Application

*** NOTE ***Special Funding Round April 26-May 3- see application for info***

Basic Needs —and/or— Non-profit Support Grant Information
To apply for both Basic Needs and Nonprofit Support, you must submit two separate applications.

Eligibility: Nonprofit Agencies working to address the basic human service needs of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Jennings County. Individuals are served through agencies.

Priority will be given to sustaining the pre-pandemic human service system and existing non-profits who already serve this community.

Criteria: Expenses related to meeting Basic Needs of Jennings County residents impacted by the COVID-1-9 pandemic OR the support of nonprofit organizations in Jennings County.

  • Basic Needs defined:  Food and basic needs supplies, shelter and housing costs. If you have urgent need please contact  Small requests may be able to be filled immediately while larger requests will be determined by the grant committee.  Please note, safety training may be required for delivery of items. You may reapply for Basic Needs grants as often as the needs arise, provided previous grants are spent and can be documented
  • Nonprofit Support defined:  
    • Expenses related to keeping Jennings County nonprofit organizations operating such as: payroll, office rent, office utilities, supplies, office equipment purchases or leases, etc.
    • Requests must reflect one month calendar period, must be documented and you many appy once per month. 
    • Expenses related to COVID-19 mitigation / reopening such as face coverings, hand sanitizer, installation of plexiglass barriers, etc.

Ongoing funding cycle: As long as funds are available:

  • You may reapply for Basic Needs grants as often as the needs arise.
  • You may apply for Nonprofit Support grants once per month.

Selection Process:  The COVID-19 Impact Team is comprised of health & human service agencies and community members from across Jennings County.  Generally, committee members read all grant applications and come to a final funding decision after discussions.  However, we may issue a grant outside the regular process when a need is so urgent and critical that waiting would be detrimental to the residents of Jennings County.

Note- The email address on this application is vital- monitor it closely

  • Applications approved for funding will receive documents for electronic signature via Adobe Sign. These will include
    • The approved application itself, modified with any changes the committee may make
    • A form requesting necessary information that contains a funding agreement,.
    • Both the application and the agreement must be signed electronically before funds will be issued.
  • Applications may receive “Please resubmit” that will include Impact Team concerns to aid in resubmission
  • Applications may be declined. This does not prohibit a future application, but resubmission of the declined application will be rejected

Application Instructions

  • Click the link below and fill in the application with complete answers.
  • We suggest you compose your answers in in a file, and copy /paste into the application to make reapplying a breeze.  This will also eliminate the need to save and continue later if you have trouble retrieving a saved application from your jotform account.
  • Print a copy for your records and click the "Click to Submit" button below to complete your application.

Virtual Office Hours appointments available for application assistance



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COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant Application

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