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VITA Program Volunteer Info
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is Free tax prep for low income, disabled & elderly to help keep more hard-earned dollars in their pockets.

If you want to make a difference and help people in our community, then becoming a VITA volunteer may be just right for you. We are looking for people to provide free tax help. You will receive all the tax training you need. Some good reasons why you should become a VITA volunteer.

  • Your help will make a difference. It’s people helping people.
  • No prior experience needed.  You’ll receive specialized training.
  • You can serve in a variety of roles, including Greeters, Basic Level Preparers, Advanced Level Preparers, Quality Reviewers, and Assistant Site Coordinator.
  • Free tax law training and materials.  You’ll learn how to prepare basic tax returns and learn about tax deductions and credits that benefit eligible taxpayers. You’ll learn how to use our Tax Slayer software.
  • Volunteer hours are flexible.  The program is open from mid-January through the tax filing deadline in April. We prepare taxes by appointment only and the schedule is determined by volunteer availability. We are open most Saturdays, some afternoons and some evenings.
  • Continuing education credits for tax pros.  Enrolled Agents and non-credentialed tax return preparers can earn credits when volunteering as a VITA instructor, quality reviewer or tax return preparer. 

Ready to Get started?? 
There are lots of training resources available to you, including 

    • If you choose to certifiy at Advanced, you do NOT have to take Basic
    • Please note that you can only take the test twice
    • The test is NOT TIMED and is OPEN BOOK so If you are unsure of an answer, don’t guess!
    • You may find it most helpful to use the paper packet to take the test on paper first and then take the online test. BUT if you do this, read the online questions carefully to make sure that your answers are correct because they may not be in the same order.
    • You may find it helpful to use multiple windows/tabs:
  • If you do not pass the certification test the first time: Don’t fret!
    • Don’t take the test again until we talk
    • DO print your answers, and let’s review them together.

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