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VITA Volunteer FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use reference materials to complete the test?
Yes! The test is open book and untimed.  You can use forms, instructions, and other reference materials. Publication 4012 (Volunteer Resource Guide) and Publication 17 will be the best reference material for you to successfully complete your test. You should complete the test on your own. It is a disservice to the taxpayers you assist if you gain assistance from others. You can always contact us if you need assistance or guidance.

What is the passing score for certification?
The passing score for the test for each course is 80%.

Can I use a nickname in my Link and Learn Account?
No. Your Link & Learn account must match your Drivers license or State Issued ID Name & Address EXACTLY.

Can I complete the test online?
Yes, the certification is online at In fact, all certifications must be completed online. This enables you to submit your test electronically as well as save, print and sign your Volunteer Agreement. You are also able to save your test and continue working on it later. It is recommended that volunteers use the scenario information in the Form 6744 Test Book to answer all of the questions and prepare practice returns in the Practice Lab first, then log into the test at and enter your answers.

Does the Certification allow me to prepare taxes outside of the VITA program?
No, the VITA Certification is strictly limited to preparing returns for the VITA program.

Do I have to take the Basic Exam before I take the Advanced Exam?
No, the Advanced Certification exam includes scenarios from the Basic Certification exam.

What do I do when I pass my certification exam?
After you have successfully completed your certification exam, you will need to electronically sign the Volunteer Agreement by checking the box on the right, then save a copy of your Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement (aka Volunteer Agreement) and upload to us along with your ID.

Can I sign the Volunteer Agreement electronically on Link & Learn website?
Yes. On the right hand of the screen, there is a checkbox to indicate that you would like to electronically sign.

What if I do not pass a test on my first attempt?
You are allowed 2 attempts for each test. If you do not pass the first attempt, contact us before taking the second test. The test questions are randomized from the pool of questions from the regular test and retest, resulting in a different test on each attempt. Retest questions are re-worded versions of regular test questions, based on the same scenarios and practice returns already completed in practice lab.

What if I do not complete or pass both certification attempts?
In this event, you can still volunteer with the VITA program. Please contact us on how you can be involved.

What if I forget my password for the online test?
At the bottom of the online test login screen, click the “forgot your password” function to reset your password. 

Will I be able to have both the Link & Learn Taxes test and the Practice Lab open at the same time to go back & forth between screens?
Users can have both screens open but the online test will time-out if there is a period of inactivity.  Volunteers should use the scenario’s in the Form 6744 Test Book to do the returns in Practice Lab first, then log into the test on and answer the test questions.

Do I have to take the certification exam every year?
Yes, because tax law changes every year, volunteers must complete the certification process every year.

What tax year does the test use for answers to the questions?
For the Test Book and the online test the answers will only be based on current year tax rates, deductions, and exemptions. There are links to tax forms, EITC and Tax tables, and Publication 4012, included in the online test. 

Why is it important to use the Publication 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide for the current Tax Year?
There are test questions that require you to research in Publication 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide for the current Tax Year.  The current Publication 4012 is available in your training materials.

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