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Welcome to our Jennings Veterinarians United Way Campaign 

Message from your CEO
"Why should you, an employee of Jennings Veterinarians, consider contributing to United Way. I feel that it is important to realize all the ways that we have been helped throughout the years by others, and it is important that we give back in turn to help others. United Way meets many needs in our community and is thus a great avenue to return in kind. Many are familiar with the agencies that United Way supports directly, such as the Senior Center, Good Samaritan food pantry, youth sports, and others. But there are several other programs and services that United Way facilitates in our community that help people among us who have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand to get themselves back on track. Emergency Food and Shelter programs, VITA tax preparation assistance, and several grants of funds for assistance have been managed through United Way over the years.  This was especially important in the past 18 months with the Covid pandemic and will continue to be important to the future well being of our community.  This is not the time to look at others and say "those are not my monkeys and that is not my circus."   Rather it is time to be your brother's keeper and provide a hand up to those around you who are in need.  Please consider how you can help Jennings County be a better place for all.  Thank you!"
~Steve Sollman, Jennings Veterinarians

Over the past decade, Jennings Vets has contributed over $35,000 to improve lives in our community!

Campaign Dates -  September 24, 2021- September 27, 2021

Jennings Veterinarians Employee Campaign

Paper pledge cards are available. Turn them in to Dr Sollman. (Keep the pink copy for your records)

Direct Gift- Choose the options you like on the pledge card.
You man also make a direct contribution with debit or credit: Donate Now



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