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Grant Application FAQs

  • Grant Application page contains instructions and important information.
  • The Required Template must be used, no subsititions are accepted. If it is not complete your application is incomplete.
  • If you have questions not answered here, you can schedule a Virtual Office Hours appointment.

SAVE & Submit Section—options to save, submit or print
Open this section to locate the "Save" button to save your work and continue later, Submit your application to us, or print a copy for your records. A copy will also be emailed to the CEO email address in the application.

What is the difference between save and submit? "Save & finish later" allows you to save your work and continue later. "Submit" finalizes your work and "turns it in", your application is not complete until you submit it.

How do I know my application has been submitted? When it has been submitted, a confirmation "Thank You" screen appears and a copy will be emailed to the CEP email in the application.

How do I get a copy of my application? You can print a copy un the Save & submit section and submitted a coy will be emailed to the CEO email address in the application. Three electronic signatures are required, and once signatures are complete, all signers will alsorecieve a signed copy for your records.

What is the difference between "#'s Served" and "United of service"? The first on, "#'s served, is people served—one person counted once per year. Un-duplicated individual clients / one person counted once per year.

The second one is services— 25 clients might be a people count, and with once a month "service"— 25x12= 300 units of service—define/explain what the “units of service” are in the Define box— food box, client contact, night of shelter, meal served, etc.

How much detail can I give? Be concise, but complete. The answer fields are not limited, but if you write a book, it is too much information. Be aware, the more clearly you define and explain things, the fewer questions the committee will have for you during the interview.

Where are the Agency related policies? They are in the Agency Handbook which is linked to the instrucrtions page.

Are electronic signatures required? Yes. The application is incomplete until signed. The submitted application will be sent via Adobe Sign for the CEO, Board President and Treasurer (to the email addresses provided in the application) for review the applicatoin and signatures after applications close June 15. When one signs, it is sent on to the next person. Once all have signed, a signed copy is returned to each signer for your records.




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